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Bruce CarruthersBruce Carruthers, John D. MacArthur Chair and Professor of Sociology

email iconb-carruthers{at}

phone icon847-467-1251

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Jeannette ColyvasJeannette Colyvas, Associate Professor of Human Development and Social Policy
Associate Professor, Learning Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology (Courtesy)
Associate Professor of Management & Organizations (Courtesy)
Faculty Affiliate, Institute for Policy Research

email iconcolyvas{at}

email iconj-colyvas{at}

phone icon847-467-5020


James ConleyJames Conley, Clinical Professor of Technology

email iconjconleya{at}

phone icon847-491-4814

map iconGlobal Hub 3169,  Northwestern University

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Jennifer DunnJennifer Dunn, Research Associate Professor of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering; Director of Research, Northwestern Argonne Institute of Science and Engineering; Associate Director, Center for Engineering Sustainability and Resilience

email iconjennifer.dunn1{at}

phone icon847-467-6285

map iconNorthwestern University

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Eric MasanetEric Masanet, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

email iconeric.masanet{at}

phone icon847-467-2806

map iconTech L494,  Northwestern University

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Marcelo WorsleyMarcelo Worsley, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Education and Social Policy

email iconmarcelo.worsley{at}

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map iconAnnenberg Room 332,  Northwestern University

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