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Design and Optimization

Dan ApleyDan Apley, Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

email iconapley{at}

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map iconTech C150, Northwestern University

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Wei ChenWei Chen, Wilson-Cook Professor in Engineering Design
Chair and Professor of Mechanical Engineering

email iconweichen{at}

phone icon847-491-7019

map iconTech A216, Northwestern University

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Elizabeth GerberElizabeth Gerber, Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

email iconegerber{at}northwestern.edju

phone icon847-467-0607

map iconFord 2-327,  Northwestern University

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Ermin WeiErmin Wei, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences

email iconermin.wei{at}northwestern.edju

phone icon847-467-5702

map iconTech L310,  Northwestern University

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George Wells

George Wells, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

email icongeorge.wells{at}northwestern.edju

phone icon847-491-8794

map iconTech A318,  Northwestern University

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