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Conferences and Seminars


53rd CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CIRP CMS)

July 1-3, 2020
Chicago, IL USA

CIRP CMS is a unique and outstanding series of scientific conferences on manufacturing systems. The Conference’s objective is to provide an international forum of researchers a place to share and discuss visions, state of the art and innovations in the field, to disseminate the recent advances, views, and perspectives, and thus, to generate a significant impact on the future of manufacturing systems.

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ISFA conference

The International Symposium on Flexible Automation (ISFA)

July 5-9, 2020
Chicago, IL, USA

The ISFA Conference provides a focused and intimate setting for dissemination and discussion of advanced manufacturing technologies and other related fields such as dynamical systems and control, logistics and informatics, and design and optimization.

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