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Seminar speaker NIMSISEMINAR
2/11/2019 (Monday) | 10:30 AM
Ford ITW Classroom

The Future of Industry – Towards Autonomous Systems

Bazmi Husain, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
ABB Group

ABSTRACT: The next chapter in industrial automation and robotics will be written by the increasing development of autonomous systems — systems that can change their behaviors in response to unanticipated events. Many of the ingredients required to achieve industrial autonomous systems are already available digitally today, via control systems, sensors, advanced control algorithms etc. The missing ingredient, which is the key enabling technology in the journey towards autonomy, is industrial artificial intelligence – a combined physics and data based approach. In addition to providing a brief survey of ABB research in the areas noted above, this seminar will highlight the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead on the road to truly autonomous systems. Finally, we will discuss the role of autonomous systems, and how they will deliver on the promise of significant productivity enhancements, amid the accelerating digitalization of today’s industrial landscape.


NIMSI intern opportunities


Positions will be open until filled, but no later than January 31, 2019,  provided the availability of funding.

Sponsored by Army Research Laboratory, multiple internship positions are expected to open in one of the following research topics:

  1. Develop coating materials in high‐pressure fuel pump and injector contact areas
  2. Experimentally characterize friction and wear in fuel feeding system with low viscosity fuels
  3. Numerically model friction and wear behavior
  4. Develop thermal control system in metal‐based additive manufacturing
  5. Develop high‐performance aluminum alloys for additive manufacturing

Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate student with U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
Expected pay level: $10‐15K for the 3‐month summer period. Starting date flexible.

Preferred background: Majors in mechanical, materials science, or chemical engineering with an intention to obtain a doctoral degree

Interested?: Send your complete CV and interested topic(s) to nimsi{at}

flyer image17 December 2018
Introduction to S.M. Wu School of Intelligent Engineering at South China University of Technology (SCUT)

Ruxu Du
Professor and Dean
S. M. Wu School of Intelligent Engineering
South China University of Technology (SCUT)

December 17, 2018
at the Technological Institute, A230

Over the past few years, intelligent engineering has become a big trend around the world. In 2013, Germany first introduced the Industry 4.0 strategy. In 2016, Japan came up with the Society 5.0. To follow the trend, South China University of Technology (SCUT), a leading research University located in Guangzhou, China, has formed S. M. Wu School of Intelligent Engineering.

The mission of the S. M. Wu School of Engineering is to foster new generation of engineers who will change the present and enrich the future, and to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research and development. Currently, the S. M. Wu School of Intelligent Engineering are building four research centers: the Industry 4.0 Innovation Center, the Machine Learning Research Center, the Soft Body Robotics Lab and the Wearable Robotics Lab.

The school keens to develop a strong faculty team with both theoretical and practical strength by attracting great candidates. This presentation will introduce the S. M. Wu School of Intelligent Engineering at the South University of Technology (SCUT) job opportunities. It also discusses some key projects in intelligent engineering.

Download the Flyer.

Women in Manufacturing Day8 October 2018
Women in Manufacturing Day
965 W. Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642

mHUB is proud to host the first annual Women in Manufacturing Day.

The event will celebrate and convene women in manufacturing and inspire young women interested in STEM fields to discover new career paths and grow the talent pipeline of women in the industry.

Free Registration:

NU Contact: mengwei-liu{at}

group photo