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For the MS Specializing in Advanced Manufacturing

The students will choose courses in the following 5 categories:

1. Manufacturing Processes and Equipment (minimum 2 required from the list below)

ME 340-1: Computer Integrated Manufacturing I: Manufacturing Processes
ME 340-2: Computer Integrated Manufacturing II: CAD/CAM
ME 340-3: Computer Integrated Manufacturing III: Manufacturing Automation
ME 415: Mechanics of Manufacturing Processes
ME 439: Computer Control in Manufacturing
ME 443: Metal Cutting
ME 445: Micromanufacturing
ME 446: Advanced Tribology

2. Materials and Sensors in Manufacturing (minimum 2 required from the list below)
ME 414-1: Mechanics of Composite Materials I
ME 417: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation in Solid Mechanics
ME 426: Advanced Finite Element Methods
ME 495: Metamaterials
ME 495: Nanoscale Thermal Transport
CEE 424: Stability of Structures
CEE 455:  Plasticity and Limit Analysis
EE 495: Introduction to Nanophotonics and Plasmonics Science and Technology
MSE 406: Symmetry and Mechanical Properties of Materials
MSE 435: High Temperature materials
MSE 445: High Polymer Science
MSE 465: Advanced Electron Microscopy & Diffraction
MPD 430-0: Materials Selection – Managing Choices

3. Design and Optimization in Manufacturing (minimum 1 required from the list below)
ME 341: Computational Methods for Engineering Design
ME 441: Engineering Optimization for Product Design and Manufacturing
DSGN 320: Introduction to Industrial Design Methods
DSGN 386: Manufacturing Engineering Design
DSGN 407: Making Things
IEMS 307: Quality Improvement by Experimental Design

4. Sustainable Manufacturing and Life Cycle Analysis (1 required from the list below)
ME 367: Quantitative Methods in Life Cycle Analysis
ME380/ISEN 390: Thermal Energy Systems Design
ME 467/ISEN 495: Industrial Energy Management and Utilization
ISEN 210: Introduction to Sustainability: Challenges and Solutions
POLI_SCI 441: International Political Economy
SOCIOL 437-0: Economic Sociology

5. Digital Manufacturing and Cybersecurity (1 required from the list below)
ME 395: Industry 4.0 Manufacturing
ME 495: Sensing, Navigation and Machine Learning for Robotics
IEMS 381: Supply-chain Modeling and Analysis
IEMS 382: Production Planning and Scheduling
IEMS 383: Service Operations Management
COMP-SCI 340: Introduction to Computer Networking
COMP_SCI 450: Internet Security
COMP_SCI 496: Advanced Topics in Modern Cryptography
COMP_ENG 395, 495: Internet-of-Things Sensors, Systems and Applications
COMP_ENG 495: Introduction to Database Systems and Data Warehousing
IEMS 381: Supply-chain Modeling and Analysis